Blue Ox Forestry utilizes only certified Professional Logging Managers (PLM) for harvesting of timber. These loggers are contractually required to have insurance, to adhere to Alabama’s BMPs, and to obey all the laws related to the business. They are also required to meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standards certifying forest sustainability. All of the loggers have years of experience with proven performance. The individual logger’s size and capabilities are matched with the unique requirements of each timber harvest. Some loggers specialize in pine plantation thinning while others have the capacity to do in-woods whole tree chipping.

Important goals of logging are to minimize any negative environmental impact, any damage to the remaining trees, and any degradation in the future productivity of the forest.

Supply contracts with International Paper, Georgia Pacific, Weyerhaeuser, and other companies require that these objectives are met.