Blue Ox Forestry is major broker of timber in Alabama. It provides services to Landowners to ensure a maximum return on years of timber growth. Timber is purchased on a lump sum basis or through sales contracts providing payment on a per unit (ton) basis as the trees are harvested.

All activities are conducted with contracts providing protection from liability for landowners. These contracts stipulate that harvesting and road building adhere to the Best Management Practices (BMPs) of Alabama. Only certified Professional Logging Manager (PLM) loggers are used.

A timber sale is a primary event in the management of the forest. Objectives are to maximize the value by merchandizing the trees into highest value products and marketing those products to the highest value market. The harvest and transportation of the wood must be done in a safe, efficient way to insure minimum environmental impact and liability exposure. Future productivity of the forest should not be compromised.

Blue Ox Forestry provides consultation as to how and when to sale and harvest timber to meet the objectives of the landowner. Services are provided for sale preparation (timber marking, streamside management zones (SMZs), boundary lines), the bidding process (prospectus, distribution, acceptance), contracting (timber deed, harvesting), and contract administration of the harvesting activity.

Landowners can take advantage of Blue Ox Forestry’s knowledge of markets and skills in merchandizing to achieve a successful timber sale.